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Our software development team is versed in a wide range of programming languages and database infrastructure. Our team will help you achieve the best solution for your business by stepping through each phase of the development lifecycle with you including the deployment phase. After this, you will be handed over to our support team who are trained in every aspect of the application to ensure that the transition of development to deployment is seamless.


real.Retail is an entire ERP system that was designed with the operator in mind. This enables an intuitive use of the system, without the extensive training and expertise needed to administer other large integrated systems. While the back end is hosted on a powerful engine with the capability of processing of millions of records, the system is designed to scale for businesses of all sizes in mind. The shared cloud model has allowed for the software to be cost effective and reliable. The ability to be able to integrate every aspect of a retail business from the Point of Sale component all the way through to Reporting and into the accounting component makes this solution a powerful tool for your business and will give you the edge you need over you competitors. The system is comprised of the following modules.


The Point of Sale component of our system is intuitive and can be designed around your business needs, resulting in quick sales while allowing for customisation of data input or displays if required.


This incorporates all of the required functions to manage your stock at the cold face of your retail arm. The ability to EDI order, adjust stock, transfer stock, stock take, credit invoice/stock, stock enquire, run customer accounts and produce shelf labels allows your business to run efficiently from end to end.


An extension of the retail.Stock module, this enhances the user’s ability to manage their stock by using handheld mobile devices on the retail floor. The name says it all MOBILE and thus you have the ability take the handheld device offsite and still use the same functions available in store.


The brains of the operation where the management of stock items and the consolidation of data from all retail locations is processed and allows businesses to manage and track all inventory lines at a global level. This is also the conduit which allows all locations to view required data from other locations. The data that is stored in real.HO is also consolidated to be integrated into external applications as required including but not limited to accounting packages.


The Business Intelligence hub of the system allows businesses to create reports based on their requirements for automated reporting, ad-hoc reporting and dashboard reporting. This is the best and easiest way to manage the businesses and individuals K.P.Is. With the drilldown and searching functionality it allows for quick and easy analysis of data. Extra functions included in this tool include the ability to communicate with others within the system by sending alerts and online reporting demonstrations.


The warehousing module is designed to allow business to operate a multi-site warehousing operation. With the ability to have multiple warehouse sites and bin locations within each warehouse, the system is flexible enough to cater to all business types. The warehousing module also comes with the real.Mobile ability to be able to run most functions from the portable handheld mobile device.


The logistics module is designed to allow the business to run a distribution operation out of the real.Warehouse or the real.Store modules. With the ability to track delivered items, customer signatures and personnel this makes this module a powerful tool for all distributive businesses.

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